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"Achieving Unprecedented Supply Chain Visibility"

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Standing at the crossroads: Supply Chain Innovation and Transparency

The world of supply chain visibility has seen a revolution. New innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), real-time visibility, analytics and automation make it easier than ever before to get detailed insights into business logistics. These innovations make it possible to identify issues, track shipments and monitor inventory with greater accuracy and speed than ever before.

As a direct result, organizations can increase efficiency and profits while reducing costs. Companies of all sizes are now leveraging these innovative technologies to improve their operational performance and customer satisfaction.

But what is missing? Exporter/Importer Control.

In 2023 it's time for exporters and importers to control their supply chain visibility, independently of their service suppliers. Through this control and ownership of their supply chain visibility exporters and importers can now exceed expectations in terms of accountability from their vendor base.

Real time container tracking has taken the guesswork out of cargo shipping. Businesses now have access to data that reveals the exact location of their containers at any given moment. This allows them to identify any delays or obstacles before they become major problems. Not only does this help organizations save money, but it also eliminates shipment related surprises which can cause serious headaches for supply chain managers.

Cargoes Flow by DP World is one such ideal visualization tool. You can use to track your container's journey around the world in real time. Constantly evolving with fresh features and seamless functionality, this remarkable platform is devoted to delivering innovative solutions with responsive enthusiasm.

Analytics features, such as the electronic calendar, give you substantial control over your logistics plan enabling you to plan efficiently and assess your supplier’s performance. One of the key analytical assets is the measurement of dwell times at every port of your supply chain allowing you to manage processes smoothly.

In 2023, the transit-predictive algorithms of Cargoes Flow by DP World will be installed, a significant feature upgrade for the platform. This responsive feature gives importers and exporters extra capabilities, allowing them to factor in options for changing course as needed, based on adjusted predictive transit times and routings.

In North America, testing is currently underway for integrating all class-one railroads into the Cargoes Flow by DP World platform. Once the testing is successfully completed, this will provide seamless visibility on all ocean container activity extending visibility with port-to-rail ramp real time activity through a single platform.

Visibility platforms such as Cargoes Flow by DP World, with support from other IoT solutions such as GPS tracking devices which measure geo-location, humidity, temperature, shock, and light escalate the ability of exporters and importers to provide their clients and their team with an exceptional visibility and communications.

Current and future IoT technologies, together with A.I have the potential to revolutionize the global supply chain. By improving efficiency, scalability, accuracy, and sustainability these technologies are sure to create a sustainable competitive advantage for companies looking to capitalize on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As technology continues to evolve, so will the needs and demands of the global supply chain. It is now up to businesses, both large and small, to leverage these innovative technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

Shippers First Logistics Corporation is an official representative of Cargoes Flow by DP World, with a focus on North America. Contact us for a Free 30-Day Trial. For a demo of the platform please connect with

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