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Shippers First Logistics is proud to be a member of the EasyFresh Global Network of Professionals specializing in the carriage of perishables in reefer containers and air cargo through temperature-controlled services.


A Tradition Of Trust

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Easyfresh's unified global network of 220 countries, combined with our dedicated multi-carrier programme with the world's leading vessel operators and shipping lines, allows us to offer cost-effective access to multiple weekly routes. We offer highly competitive transit times on transoceanic routes to all world regions.


Each client gets real-time visibility on their reefer container moves around the world including AIS tracking.   

Geo Location Beacons & Environmental Sensors

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Geo-location beacons and environmental sensors allow you to independently track your cargo to within 10 meters within most countries and provide you with real time environmental data such as temperature, humidity, shock and light, allowing you the capability to reduce spoilage costs by seeing data in real time.  


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